Here are some press clips..

WIRED Magazine | Joe Brown
February 11, 2014

When Jad Abumrad, cohost of the on-air amazingness that is Radiolab, wants to prep a show for broadcast, he uses WNYC’s studio. But he’s most productive when left alone in his home studio... Read more...

New York Times Magazine | Rob Walker
April 7th, 2011

Jad Abumrad was talking about “tension” —the tension between the certainty of science and mysteries that inspire wonder; between authenticity and artifice; between a sound that feels carefully constructed and one that feels anarchic and alive. Read more...

Jad Abumrad: Lover Of Sound
CNN | The Next List
May 7th, 2012

A biographic look at "genius" grant winner and radio show host Jad Abumrad of "Radiolab."

228 Minutes With Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich
New York Magazine | Eric Benson
July 22nd, 2012

I feel like we need to do something for these people,” Jad Abumrad, creator and producer of the hit WNYC show “Radiolab,” says to his co-host, Robert Krulwich, as they sit in the back of a big black SUV. Read more...

Radiolab's Jad Abumrad Tries Something Completely Nuts
Mother Jones | Maddie Oatman
July/August 2012

Not five minutes after I sit down with Jad Abumrad for chorizo eggs and a cappuccino at a hotel near the University of California-Berkeley campus, he's helping me to digest what his molecular biologist mom does for a living. Read more...

Jad Abumrad: The man who made public radio sexy
Globe And Mail | Susan Krashinsky
January 25th, 2012

Jad Abumrad, the most talked-about person in public radio right now, is staring at the culprit to blame for his own exhaustion.
On the computer screen in his cramped office at WNYC in New York’s SoHo neighbourhood is a picture of the mix of a recent episode of Radiolab, his nationally syndicated show about science and big ideas. Read more...

Radio That's Close To Filmmaking
CNN | The Next List
May 12th, 2012

Radio host Jad Abumrad describes how his uniquely innovative' show, "Radiolab," is constructed.

Jad Abumrad, Radiolab’s ‘genius’ storyteller, on what public radio needs now: ‘more joy, more chaos
Nieman Journalism Lab | Andrew Phelps
September 21st, 2011

First thing’s first: Jad Abumrad does not know how he will spend half a million dollars, but it’s probably going right into his labor of love, the mind-bending radio show that earned him a MacArthur Foundation “genius” grant this week. Read more...

The New Yorker | Sasha Weiss
June 29th, 2012

Why put a radio show onstage? This was the question knocking around my head recently as I slipped in among the milling crowd at the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Gillman Opera House waiting to enter “In the Dark,” a live performance of WNYC’s beloved show “Radiolab.” Read more...

'Radiolab' live: Spending an evening 'In the Dark'
USA Today | Whitney Matheson
June 27th, 2012

Radiolab might be the only radio show/podcast where I absolutely can't miss a single episode. It's so good, in fact, that most other shows sound pretty shabby by comparison. Read more...

Review: 'RadioLab' show brings light to the darkness
Salt Lake Tribune | Sean P.Means
April 6th, 2012

There was an early hint that "RadioLab Live: In the Dark" wasn't going to be your typical theatrical experience: Instead of being handed a program, audience members received a tiny plastic bag containing a hearing-aid battery and an LED lightbulb. Read more...